Youssef Aani

Senior PHP & Med. Ruby NodeJS Developer

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  • Phone:+32 (0)484873884
  • Address: Chaussée d'anvers, n 349 1000 Bruxelles

Personal Skills

5 years experience in IT.

Intellectual curiosity and perfectionism.

Adaptability and innovation.

Free to relocate.

Flexibility and team spirit.

Fan of Juventus FC and Japanese cuisine.

Professional Skills

Languages: PHP, Ruby(Ruby on Rails), Node.js, Javascript, HTML5 & CSS3.

DBMS SQL & No-SQL: Mysql, MariaDB, MemSQL, Redis et MongoDB.

Fluency in some CMS & Librairies: Wordpress, Mojomotor, Perch, RedBean, jQuery et PrototypeJS.

Open Source Realisattion: FastIgniter, AlmostPHP.

Fluency in some Framework: Laravel, CodeIgniter, FastIgniter, SLIM & RoR.

Knowledge of: Drupal, Zend, CakePHP, Express, SpineJS & Backebone.

Versioning: GIT

Work Experience

Web Developer

Aubay Belgium

  • Period: November 2013 - January 2014

AXA need to eradicate paper from their daily internal process, i worked within the eFacility team to digitalize the most of HR & Payroll forms.
The back-end is built with ASP/MsSQL, the front-end is built with HTML5, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, Handelbars & Underscore).


Ruby on Rails Developer


  • Period: May 2013 - November 2013

I worked as a Full-stack developer on an enterprise-grade full-featured invoicing & time tracking web application.


Senior PHP & Junior Ruby on Rails Developer


  • Period: May 2010 - March 2013
  • References: Davide Chiggiato

Since 2010, i acquired a great experience in web developement & project management in agile & "continous integration" developement.
Some of the major projects followed:


    Development of the front-end logic in Javascript to enhance the parallax effects, popups & custom animations.
    Customization of the Errbit app(Ruby) to monitor all our client's app and websites.


    A local italian government, helping in the analysis process and development of both the frontend and the backend. The frontend was built with in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript with the help of some librairies such as jQuery. And the backend is a stack composed with the CMS based principally on a customized Wordpress integrated with others web applications built on PHP.


    The european leader in adhesive films, for 3 years i was envolved in the analysis and development of the frontend website and the backend application.
    The stack used was built essentially with HTML, CSS, Javascript (with the help of jQuery and Mootools librairies), PHP and MySQL.


    Analysis and Development of a web marketing application to manage and send easily custom online campaigns, later it was enhanced and integrated to the Communication360 service. Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, Javascript.


    Analysis and Development of some client's requirements in the frontend and the backend, the stack was built in PHP, MySQL, Javascript (Backbone, Mootools & jQuery)


Projects based on Drupal
  • * in freelance

Web Developer

Wind (Vimpelcom Ltd Group)

  • Period: October 2011 - November 2012
  • References: Davide Chiggiato & Andrea Sforza

The 3rd italian telecom operator, envolved in the analysis and development of the revamping of all the institutionals websites of the group, the e-commerce websites, integrations with external systems such as the CRM and the Customer Care, and the enhancement and the development of two internal marketing tools. the stack was built with PHP, MySQL, Pl/SQL, Oracle, Javascript (Backbone & jQuery).
Customization of the Errbit app (Ruby on Rails) including a SMS notification system (backed by TWILIO).
Developements of customs landing pages & forms built with Ruby on Rails and backed by the ActiveAdmin Gem.
Developement of a custom web service with Sinatra (a ruby micro web framework).

Web Developer

Topic Labége

  • Period: June 2009 - September 2009
  • References: ND

I developed some new modules for the web portal, i also managed the website, emailing campaigns and achievements landing pages.

System Administrator

Wincor Nixdorf

  • Period: September 2007 - April 2009
  • References: ND (Sergio Cartabia)

Responsible for the area "Staging Software & Certifications".

I took care of the installation and verification of software systems and hardwares primarily on automated teller machine (ATM).

Web Developer in Freelance & &

  • Period: October 2006 - September 2010

I started in the world of ICT in Freelance. It was simply awesome because since that time, I converted my passion into my job.
I worked on:


    Analysis and the Development of the client's requirements, technologies used: PHP, Node.js, Redis, MySQL, Memcached, Javascript (jQuery and underscore js).


    Worked Closely with the Cannybill developer to enhance the web application performance. The stack was built with PHP, Mysql, MongoDB, Redis, Javascript (Backbone).


    Worked on the API backend and on a reporting module, built with Node.JS (Express framework), MongoDB and Elasticsearch.


    I reported and i fixed some SQL injection and LFI vulnerabilities.

  • & many other interventions


Instituto Tecnico per i Geometri Leonardi

Admitted to the fifth class surveyors(building surveyor).

Lycée Ibn Roch a Fés

High School Diploma in sciences


Standford University - Standard Center for Professional Development

Advanced Computer Security Certificate


University of British Columbia Continuing Studies Program and the Web Analytics Association

Web Intelligence Certificate Program









Arabic & Moroccan arabic(dialect)